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Minecraft Minimations - 3

Me too, Geoff.

See, I’m learning!

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"Finally got a fight out of this Enderman!" 
Ryan vs The Enderman.

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"Ooh chiiihiiild, THingS ARe GOonNa GeT EaSIIerrR”

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Kerry: I just flew like fifty fucking feet in the air.

(If only it was Ryan, then he would still be in the air.)

rt meme
↳favorite stage name(s): x-ray and vav

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Gavin Free + Dumb Podcast Quotes

Mogar has come a long way since I first drew him! I will forever have disdain for Tumblr’s destruction of my quality, so have the [ full version here ].
I also spent this entire time listening to MitiS’ new song. . Show it some love. 
This took quite a bit of time to do, and I hope to do more art like it in the near future.

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